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PS3 Error Codes

PS3 Error Codes (With Some Advice)

Hi found these error codes thought they might be a little helpful

80710102 - DNS Error; No DNS server available.

8001050B - Will not play demo hard drive games, when blue-ray disc is inserted - Cause unknown

80010510 - Will not play hard drive games - Cause unknown

8002b241 - DVI has no audio.

80028EA5 - Unknown

80029023 - Exchanging Key Information exchange has timed out

80029024 - The attempt to obtain an IP address has timed out

80029564 - Downloaded Game will not install - Cause unknown

8002F997 - Cannot update XMB firmware

8003051E - Game will not Save

80031150 - System Settings Fail to Save - Possible Blue Screen "Setting information is corrupted.

Press the x button to repair and restore default"

80130203 - PS3 connects to internet but not to network - Typically means that the required ports

are not open to connect to store but PS3 can connect to internet.

80710092 - "An error has occurred. you've been signed out from the ps network" (connection


80710102 - PS3 Cannot connect to the router with current IP information - Try rebooting your router

80710541 - The connection to the server timed out.

80710B23 - PS3 Network is Down or PS3 Network is too busy to respond

80710D23 - Turn the PS3 off for a bit (30 minutes give or take) with the power toggle (not standby


80029024 - "Cannot Obtain an IP address".

PS3 Error Codes (With Some Advice)

80028EA5 - Unknown - User cannot connect to PS3 network.

8001050B - "Will not play demo hard drive games, (when blue-ray disc is inserted) - cause


8002F997 - Trying to Update the Firmware, copying to a file and installing from a USB drive failed".

80710016 - Playstation Network is down.

8013013E - WEP Key error, change WEP key to all numbers (on router homepage) and try again, or

which to WPA.

8013030F - Check Router Page, SSID Broadcasting possibly off.

8002F994 - To many people downloading the update just sit back until the morning around 5am -

11am and you should be able to get it.

80410A0B - Internal PSP error, hardware fault. Send back to be replaced/fixed.

80028F10 - Go to Display Settings then HDMI (or whatever your connection is) and choose

Automatic, not Custom. I always had it on Custom before.

8002A705 - Unable to connect to server/host. Check router port configuration.

80030920 - An error occurred during the copy operation. The file may be corrupt or there isn't enough

memory. Try copying data from original source.

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